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Long time lurker here, finally posting something!


We've been testing deploying FEP on a collection and all went well and no issues on the clients. My manager gave me the go-ahead to deploy to all desktops. However when I deploy for the collection for all desktops, nothing happens and the reporting states "Active clients protection with Endpoint Protection: 0" although the total devices comes up correctly.


I left this for 24 hours and still nothing. I then re-deployed and still nothing. I then decided to drop a handful of these desktops into our test collection and within half an hour they all had the FEP status as managed.


Why is this working for one collection but not another? Logs doesn't seem to be providing any information.

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are the client settings to enable SCEP management correctly deployed to the target collection ?




I have a SCEP policy client setting deployed and I have an Antimalware policy deployed too, both to the same collection.


Wondering if I need to update to the latest branch? It is something I will need to do in the near future as the organisation is planning an upgrade to Windows 10 next summer.


Edit: I should also note I manage 4 independent sites and I've had no problems deploying to two of them and I've checked, the SCEP settings are identical.

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