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SCEP 1606 not showhing Endpoint Protection on Clients

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Hello i have a working lab with System Center Manager 1606. I installed the role Endpoint Protection Manager 1606. I also have 3 Clients with Windows 10 1607. I created a custom client setting to install Endpoint Protection 1606 to the clients. On the System Center Manager is see the header



I also created a custom antimalware policy and deployed it to the windows 10 clients. But they show only windows defender in the header

post-34842-0-46525600-1481209899.png. So how can i proof if all is working fine?



Another Problem. All Guides say we should use SUS for Endpoint Protection Updates but how do i conifgure SUS for Endpoint Protection 1606?


What Product shoul we use:




It is very confusing for me!


How can check that everything is working well and only the visual thing is confusing.


Can please anybody clear the things??

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hi for versions of Windows before Windows 10 select Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010, and for Windows 10 and later select Definition Updates, those two should be good enough for the definition updates for All SCEP managed clients,


verify you have definition updates selected


def updates.png


and select Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 and Windows Defender as below




when the client is managed you should see your custom and default Endpoint Protection Antimalware Policies being applied such as in the example below which your screenshot does indeed reveal if you look at it again



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