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January 2017 Update wont download or install during OSD

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Good Morning,


Currently running CB 1610 and MDT 2013 latest version, during the OSD TS I had added a step to install Windows 7 Security Monthly Quality Roll-up. A Software update group was created, downloaded and is targeting the Unknown computer collections to make it available during OSD.


I find errors on the smsts.log


Failed to run the action": Install Software update: Unknown error (Error:80244010: Source Unknown)


Will like to see this method to work or use another method to make sure that the latest updates every month is included during OSD and the image to be updated at the end.


what's missing? or can anyone suggest a better more intuitive method to make sure these updates are installed.


thanks in advanced.

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the error translates to

The number of round trips to the server exceeded the maximum limit.

Source: Windows Update Agent

i'd suggest you patch the wim file with offline updates (offline servicing) monthly to avoid having to install the million or so updates available to Windows 7 during deployment

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Thanks for your response,


my WIM is fully updated and the only patch missing is the January 2017 Security Quality roll-up, my intentions is to provide a process where we plug-in the Monthly Security roll-up every month and we will be fully updated without having to rebuild and update the WIM so often.


The last time we use the offline patching our image was growing very large and don't want to slow down the imaging process by having the image grow. Is Offline Servicing the way to go? There's only one update targeting the Unknown computer collections and not many.


thanks again

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