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Huge ransonware attack hits companies all over the world, Microsoft releases guidance and patches for unsupported operating systems

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Ransomware has been around for a few years now but up until yesterday, it wasn't that well known about. This latest RansomWare called WannaCry has changed that for ever.


Ransomware encrypted data on at least 75,000 systems in 99 countries on Friday. Payments were demanded for access to be restored. European countries, including Russia, were among the worst hit.

Companies around Europe were hit and investigations are underway to see who was responsible. This was such a big attack that Microsoft released patches for unsupported operating systems (such as Windows XP) to allow those businesses still running them, a chance to protect themselves.

Guidance available

In addition to making patches available, Microsoft has published guidance to explain what is necessary in protecting yourself against this Ransomware and any others based on the same vulnerabilities (SMBv1). These vulnerabilities were patched by Microsoft in March of this year, but of course there were no patches (at that time) for unsupported operating systems such as Windows XP.

Download Patches for unsupported Operating Systems

To patch your unsupported operating systems, get over to this url and download the available patches.


WannaCry has multiple vectors, but you should remove one vector, SMBv1. Do as follows

1. Block 445 inbound

2. Install MS17-010

3. Remove SMB1

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