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Dear Experts,

I would like to get an advice from you Please. You may see multiple forums from me – As my Environment is bit complicated.

Environment implemented by 3rd party and handover to us as part of transformation – Which we are struggling to upgrade or proceed further.

Current Infrastructure:

SCCM 2012 SP2 with Windows 7 Clients (Managing – Application, Patch, Operating System Deployment)

This is running on Windows Server 2008 with SQL 2008

Required Infrastructure:

It is required to Manage Windows 10 Clients, Windows 7 Operating System (Application, Patch, OS Deployment)

After being and hearing more responses from our Engineer’s/Experts. It is planned to progress the Green Field Implementation

1.       Windows Server 2016

2.       SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2016

3.       Windows 10 ADK with Version ADK 1709 - 10.1.16299

4.       System Center Configuration Manager V1710 New Implementation along with Distribution Point

5.       Making the Environment with Complete Readiness for all Application Source, OSD Task Sequences, Software Updates., etc.,

This New Infra will be completely ready with supporting all contents.

IP Assignment:

We are already having the Boundary Groups, which is based on the IP Range with Region wise in the OLD Environment.

New Environment – Client Movement from Old Infrastructure:

Let us consider we have the IP Range called to is active and supplying the service with Windows 7 Client OS on Old Infrastructure (SCCM 2012 SP2)

Now, the New Infrastructure is ready with all sources (SCCM CB V1710) – If the Client IP Range, Boundary Settings for Site assignment is getting moved from Old Infra to New Infra

By Using Automatic Site Client Push Installation

1.       SCCM Agent Will get install/upgrade with Version CBV1710

2.       Since the IP Range, Boundary Group is allocated with New Environment

All the Deployments will get started to run on new Environment.

By performing this activity

1.       All Windows 7 Clients will be running with SCCM CBV1710 Agent Version

2.       All Windows 7 Clients will be reporting to SCCM CBV1710 Infrastructure

3.       Slowly, I can prepare myself for Windows 10 Upgrade Projects.

Hence, it is require to have 2 Environments in the Same System Management Container (SCCM 2012 SP2, and SCCM CB V1710). If I hold the 2 Environment with Different Site code and host name, Will that be Okay..

Please Advice!!

My Sincere apologize to have separate post. Earlier was discussed for the Migration (With in the same server)., but now we preferred to install the SCCM CB V1710 Infra with new server *Windows 2016 & SQL 2016 * and move all the Clients to the new Infrastructure.


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