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PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received

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We have trouble using PXE in our environment.

Our setup:
SCCM 2016 management point in remote datacentre (running on Windows Server 2016)

SCCM 2016 distribution point + OSD in local serverroom (running on Windows Server 2016).
On this server, 2 network cards are configured. One is connected to the domain, the other is connected to a seperate 'installation LAN'.
We also configured DHCP on this server with a binding only to the 'installation LAN NIC'. We also configured DHCP options 60, 66 and 67.

On this local server, we installed Hyper-V to run a virtual machine which we can use to create a clean Build and Capture using OSD.

However, we cannot boot this virtual machine into PXE. It doesn't seem to get an IP address from DHCP. 

If we boot up a laptop to the installation LAN, then there is no issue booting up in to WinPE. 

We've tried several things:

  • Change WDS settings; (set PXE response to respond to all computers / Configured DHCP options / Authorized server in to DHCP / let DHCP give out the multicast address)
  • Changed DHCP options (removed option 60 (PXEClient) / Configured DHCP option to also use BOOTP)
  • Configured different virtual switches in Hyper-V (Internal / external / private), configured RRAS to create a shared NIC, disabled DCHP guard, disabled 'Protected Network'
  • Added computer manually in to SCCM using MAC address.

We are running out of options. If I boot up a VM on the laptop using Hyper-V, I don't have any issues. However, we would like to use Hyper-V on the server itself to create images because it is a central and permanent solution.

Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

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first things first, are you using hyperv gen 1 or gen 2 vm's ? also what version of SCCM are you using exactly ?

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hi, just to clear one thing up, there is no such thing as SCCM 2016, it's System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) version 1802, as regards PXE booting the vm, when you try, what (if anything) do you see in the SMSPXE.log, hint: search for the MAC address of the network card on the virtual machine




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