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We are just starting down the path of SCCM and building out a DEV environment. Will install 1702 then upgrade to 1710 and then possibly 1802. Looking at the Hardware and Server requirements wondering if anyone could shed any light into their builds. There are a number of posts out there talking about the (2) different install scenarios. Do more people install SQL locally on the Primary site server or do they install it on a remote server - which could be beneficially if you're looking at clustering your SQL environment. We're currently an Oracle shop which really doesn't help us out.

The other Q I have is in regards to the hardware requirements. Our PROD environment will only start off with approximately 1000 clients. Reading the MS recommendations they seem rather beefy especially if you do install the SQL server locally (16 cores / 96GB ram). Are those numbers exaggerated?

Thank you


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1802 is baseline now so you can install that straight off.

16 core / 96 Gb is to support the maximum number of clients which is 50,000 when SQL is installed locally. It supports more clients if SQL is local .

We're supporting 15,000 clients on an 8 core, 64Gb VM and performance is fine. SQL will take all the memory if you let it so that needs restricted.

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