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How can I add a new driver to an existing Driver Package

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Hi, what is the best method to add a new driver to an existing driver package?

For example.

Say I create a driver package for a device and then I need to add a new driver to it at a later date.

1. What I really don't want to do is create a new driver package and distribute it again.

2. What I would like to be able to do is add the new driver to my driver sources folder, associate the new driver to the driver package and distribute the delta changes to the driver package on the distribution point.

Is this possible and if so do you know of any good tutorials on how to do it.

It looks feasible but I need a primer.


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the issue with this is as soon as you add new content to an existing package, you need to update it to your distribution points, (otherwise your clients won't get the new drivers...) and when you do that, any live task sequence that references that package will fail on that package until the content is distributed,

so, if you can time it so that you know no one will be using the task sequence, then sure you can use the existing driver package and simply update the content source with the new drivers, and then update the package to your dp's, if however you cannot guarantee down time for the task sequences, then your best option is to create a v2 of the same driver package but with the new content, then distribute that to all your dp's and once done, replace the reference in your task sequence with the v2 version of the driver package

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