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Pushing out task sequence to new machines

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I have approx 100 Dell 3620 Precision systems that I need a task sequence pushed out to.  Right now I am in the testing phase.

1.  I added the machine by mac address using a .csv and gave it a name which worked sucessful

2. I create a device collection and made my limiting collection to all systems

3. I added that system to that device collection

4. I made my task sequence which is tested and working and deployed it as required set the time for it to be pushed with no expiry date.

5. There has been no activity to that machine

My question is there something that I may be missing and are there any log files on the server that i can look at to find out what the issue is?

Thank you,


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hi Craig

you should be very careful with required task sequences and instead of limiting to All Systems, make it much safer, for example limit it to All Dell 3620 precisions, or some other small subset of computers, that way if you make a mistake with a query, only those computers will be affected, by limiting to All Systems, if you make a query mistake in that collection and it add's say... All Systems (select * from sms...) then you have just wiped out your entire organization including servers with that required task sequence,

secondly, check that the computer you are testing in, is in the collection that is targeted with the task sequence

thirdly, is the task sequence deployed to Only Configuration Manager clients, or PXE or something else ? if you want the required ts to start in Windows then you need it to be made available to Only Configuration Manager Clients...




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Hi Naill,

I was reading an article on how to do this a they showed the limiting collection to All Systems.  They made me concerned as well if I hit the wrong button so to speak  and deployed it  to the whole organization.  I have since changed this.  Thank you for clarifying that.

Yes the computer is in the collection I just checked it again.  It is the only one in there right now.  I checked to make sure that I entered the correct MAC and GUID while importing it into SCCM.

The task sequence is deployed to Only Media & PXE.  These are brand new systems and don't have the client installed.  Do I need to install the client? I am thinking that I should be able to force a PXE on the system.  You can clarify that for me.  Secure mode is 

turned on and the network stack is enabled.  I am thinking where it is required i shouldn't have to reboot the machine myself it should do it automatically.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreicated.

Thank you,





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