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Client Peer Cache - reaching PCs in remote sites...

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so with remote sites that have no SCCM DP, we are looking at how we can automate/light touch/deliver the thick files to these devices

We are running 1806, and I understand that Client Peer cache can get the files to a device at that site,  still looking for a good guide/white paper that explains how that works.

My other question is around OSD at these type of sites that have poor bandwidth and are far from our main campus, are there tools that I need to look at?


any help would be massively appreciated

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Not sure how mature peer cache and branch cache are. I'm also interested to see if anyone is making it work!

We use 1E Nomad for this purpose and have done for years. We have 1 main DP for 12,000 users because of this.

If you want to do an OSD at a slow site you build a master PC and ship it to that site. The clients can then pull everything from that PC and not go back to the DP.


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