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Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates

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In this post I will show you how you can patch your machines using the SUP in SCCM. More specifically we will be utilising Update Lists.


Step 1. Run a Synchronisation.


Expand your Software Updates node in configmgr, right click on Update Repository and choose Run Synchronisation. Answer Yes when prompted. You can verify that the synchronisation process has completed in the Site Status, Component Status, SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER log. Look for Message ID 6702 which is SMS WSUS Synchronization Done.


sync done.jpg


Step 2. Use your Search Folders


If you havn't done so already create a Search Folder. We will be Using a Search Folder with the following criteria, you can replace the Windows version with the one you are updating.


Product Windows XP

Bulletin ID MS

Expired NO

Superseded NO

Search All folders under this feature

Windows XP Security Updates


search folder criteria.jpg


Click on the Search Folder and sort the updates by Date by Clicking on the BulletinID tab so that the newest updates are listed at the top of the list. Select the updates from that month that you want to add.



Step 3. Create a New Update List


Right click on the selection and choose Update List,


update list from selected.jpg


The Update List Wizard will appear, choose Create a new Update List, give it a descriptive name such as Windows XP Security Updates - March 2010, fill in the description if you wish and make sure that Download the files associated with the selected software is selected.


new update list.jpg


Click Next


Select our previously created Windows XP Security Updates Deployment Package.


select dep pack.jpg


For Download Location, select Internet...


download location.jpg


select your language




and click Finish.

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Step 4. Create a new Deployment Management Task using the Update List


Right click on our newly create Update List (hit F5 to refresh the Update Lists node if it doesn't appear) and choose Deploy Software Updates.


deploy software updates.jpg


When the Deploy Software Updates wizard appears give it a name such as Windows XP Security Updates - March 2010, this will clearly show us what the Deployment Management Task is later.


dep software updates wizard.jpg


select your Deployment Template


select a template.jpg


set your schedule and make sure that ignore.... is selected.




Click next and close when done.




Continue on to Part 2.

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