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ok, you've already upgraded your Windows 2003 RIS server from Sp1 to Sp2., and all of a sudden pxe boot to the RIS server doesnt work anymore.


No problem, read this post first.


If you are now using WDS in mixed mode after doing the above, then you'll most likely need to configure it.


To do that click on start/all programs/administrative tools/windows deployment services.


Make sure to right click the server properties and choose the boot menu option, (screenshot below). By default it's set to pxeboot.com (which doesnt exist in that dir) click browse and insert wdsnbp.com instead.


Once done, right click on 'boot images' in the wds mmc and choose 'add boot image'. Browse to your BDD 2007 distribution share, in there you'll find a boot folder, and in there you'll find your LiteTouchPE_x86.wim file (if you chose to 'update' your deployment in BDD 2007, read here for details about that.)


Once you are finished, click finish and attempt to PXE boot the client again.


You may need to run

risetup -check

to verify that the WDS service is started and there are no errors.



In addition, if you now get a new PXE boot error,


TFTP Download: boot\x64\pxeboot.com


and you are only using x86, then simply change the pxeboot.com file for that to the x86 folder eg:








apply your changes and now PXE test again, this time it should work and you should be presented with a mixed mode screen (remote installation services and lite touch windows pe)






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