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Setup wizard of CMG fails at the end

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We're trying to set up a Cloud Management Gateway and following the regular guides all works fine until one of the last steps, the actual creation of the CMG in Azure.
At the beginning of the wizard I just log in to my Azure admin account that I used to set up all other parts. The wizard then auto-populates all Azure fields and finds the correct resource group.
When clicking finish it shows the error:

Error occurred when granting Contributor permission to the Azure AD app for resource group RG-SCCM-CMG. For more information, see SmsAdminUI.log

When checking SmsAdminUI.log we see:

Hyak.Common.CloudException\r\nInvalidAuthenticationTokenTenant: The access token is from the wrong issuer 'https://sts.windows.net/f8cdef31-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx/'. It must match the tenant 'https://sts.windows.net/aa3c372d-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx/' associated with this subscription. Please use the authority (URL) 'https://login.windows.net/aa3c372d-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx' to get the token.

The guid starting with aa3c372d is indeed our correct tenant ID. I have no idea where the one with f8cdef31 comes from. I've search for this guid in our Azure subscription but nothing pops up.
Also in SCCM under Azure Active Directory Tenants only the tenant with aa3c372d is shown.

Anyone an idea of what could be wrong?



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About two days after the initial setup, I can complete the wizard without any extra changes in SCCM or Azure.
I contacted another person with the same issue and they also just waited a couple of days and it worked.


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 Note, if the subscription is transferred to another tenant there is no impact to the services, but information about new tenant could take time to propagate (up to an hour). If you just transferred your subscription and see this error message, please try back later

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