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Issue PXE Booting WinPE x64 with MDT2010 for a VMware VM

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When attempting to PXE boot using a Windows PE x64 image, the actual .wim is downloaded from the PXE service point/distribution point as shown by the progress bar. After 100% completion the screen goes black, Windows PE is not loaded and the VM turns off.



I am using an MDT Task Sequence for deploying the Windows Server 2008 Operating System Install package. I simply copied it and changed the boot image on the Task Sequence instead of creating a new Task Sequence from scratch (not sure if this makes a difference or not). I was able to boot into it by using the Create a Task Sequence wizard (non MDT) but the sequence stalled before doing anything and rebooted.


The drivers for VMware have been imported into the boot image as well.



SCCM 2007 SP2 R2 running on Windows Server 2003 SP2

Target VM: 2GB of RAM, 40GB harddrive


Any assistance would be great.

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is the boot image definetly an SP2 boot image ? did you also try with the x86 one ?

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Thanks for your reply. I've been out of the country so I apologize for not replying to this sooner.


When attempting to use the x86 boot image we get the following error message as shown:




Not sure how to "confirm" if the image is an SP2 image but as stated in my Environment notes in the original post, I am running SCCM 2007 SP2 R2.


Thanks again for your help.


P.S. It's not really a big deal if this doesn't work in a virtual environment as we use VM templates in VMware to deploy new virtual servers. But, I'd like to get PXE working in the virtual environment before I begin testing in production.

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