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ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus now features Intune Application Management

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The current uptick in remote work is resulting in numerous organizations shifting to cloud platforms in order to manage and secure their endpoints. Tech giants like Microsoft have also come up with solutions like Endpoint Manager and hybrid System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which combines the features of SCCM and Microsoft Intune, to help users make the best of both worlds.


However efficient SCCM is in managing endpoints, third-party application management is its handicap. With hybrid SCCM enabling users to integrate with Microsoft Intune, they should be able to patch third-party applications in Intune as well. Patch Connect Plus integrates with SCCM to solve this problem, and facilitates seamless third-party application patching with its newest feature: Intune Application Management. This blog will discuss in depth how to configure and deploy third-party applications in Microsoft Intune using Patch Connect Plus.


Configuring Intune application management in Patch Connect Plus

The following steps help you configure Intune application management in the Patch Connect Plus console.


1. Register a new application in Azure AD

The first step is to create a client ID and a tenant ID in Azure AD. Navigate to App registrations and click + New registration.




Once you have provided a suitable name and configured the account type according to your requirement, click Register, and your application will be registered with a unique client ID and tenant ID.



2. Add API permissions to the registered application

The next step is to provide adequate permissions to the application created.



Click + Add a permission. Under Application permissions, click DeviceManagementApps and enable DeviceManagementApps.Read.All, DeviceManagementApps.ReadWrite.All, and Group.Read.All.



Once that's done, grant admin consent to approve the permission, and select Yes whenever prompted for consent.



3. Create a new client secret

Navigate to the Certificates & secrets tab, and create a new client secret. Give it a suitable description, and set the client secret to Never expire.



Once the client secret for Patch Connect Plus has been successfully created, copy and save the secret key to a secure location for any future use.


4. Intune configuration in the Patch Connect Plus console

Copy the unique client ID and tenant ID. Navigate to Patch Connect Plus' web console > Admin> Application Mgmt Settings > Intune Configuration. There, paste the client ID, tenant ID, and the client security details, and click Save.


You have successfully configured Intune application management. The next step is to deploy third-party applications.


Deploying third-party applications using Microsoft Intune

Let's take a look at how to deploy third-party applications in Intune using Patch Connect Plus.


1. Open the Patch Connect Plus web console > Application Management > INTUNE. Select the third-party application you wish to create. You can customize the deployment using scripts, then click Create Application.


2. The selected third-party application will appear under Client apps as shown below.


3. The next step is to assign a group under the enrolled devices for the application created. Under Properties, edit Assignments and click + Add group. Once the group is added, click Review + save.




4. Once the groups have been assigned and saved, you can find the application created listed under the Apps section in the Company Portal.


Click the application and install it as shown below.


You have successfully created and deployed third-party applications in Intune using Patch Connect Plus.


As you can see, setting up and configuring Intune application management in Patch Connect Plus is a simple process, and requires no additional infrastructure. With Intune settings configured, you can now create and deploy third-party applications in Microsoft Intune using Patch Connect Plus. Try the 30-day free trial to get a hands-on experience of this feature and much more.

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