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The Backup Bible – Free eBook from Altaro

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As the old adage goes: fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

It’s the perfect description for backup yet to this day so many companies don’t have an
adequate backup & disaster strategy in place for when the worst-case scenario happens.
Just how well are you protecting your vital data?


The Backup Bible, a free eBook from Altaro, guides you through the stages of preparing for,
responding to, and recovering from a substantial data loss event, which can otherwise be
disastrous for a company of any size.

This eBook is the first installment of a 3-part series comprising the complete guide to data
protection. It covers how to get started with disaster recovery planning; how to set recovery
objectives and loss tolerances; how to translate your business plan into a technically
oriented outlook; how to create a customized agenda for obtaining key stakeholder
support; and the essentials to setting up a critical backup checklist.

The second and third parts in the series will be released later this year but by downloading
the first part, you’ll automatically receive the other eBooks in your inbox as soon as they
become available!

Whether you’re just starting to put together a backup and disaster strategy or you want to
make sure your current plan is up to scratch, every IT admin needs to read The Backup Bible.
Download your free copy today

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