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Anyone deploying New Edge?

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Hi guys

Havent posted here in so long

Firstly. DO you think its worth having a Microsoft Edge ( Chromium) forum section? I think more people will be deploying this now, especially with the nice enterprise stuff its got with SCCM integration tools

ok now to my question

I am currently working on deploying New Edge to my org. We currently use IE11 for legacy sites in compatibility mode with a website list in xml format sitting on all our users computers. IE looks for this site and opens it in compatibility mode
This xml file is created using Enterprise Site Manager v1
WHen checking out how to make an xml for New edge. It says theres a v2
It says I wont get the benefits if I continue to use v1 but doesnt explain the benefits? What are they?
We already have a list of sites in a v1 schema so I want to know if I should change it to v2 scheme for my MS new edge deploying for IE mode

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