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SCCM 2002 (Bitlocker MBAM) - Keys not getting into SQL DB : Error 0x803d0013

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Hi Everyone,

We have not looked into bitlocker before but would like to start encrypting our laptops.  There is SCCM 2002 already in place and configured for PKI.  I've added the bitlocker feature to SCCM and packaged up the MBAM deployment scripts.

During the OSD task sequence it's coming up with 0x0000001 during the powershell command phase.  Running this manually from F8 it's showing 0x803d0013.

The event logs on the SCCM server / MBAM has this:

An error occurred while adding volume information to the Recovery database.

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'RecoveryKey', table 'CM_LC1.dbo.RecoveryAndHardwareCore_Keys'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

Once the laptop has finished imaging and is in windows, the hard disk is encrypted and the key can be seem in the computer object in AD. I've looked into the SQL DB and can see the laptops name so I know the comms is good, but why am I getting this error when running the PS?

any ideas?






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which Powershell script are you using exactly ? and have you verified that the computer is in a collection with the policy targeted to it during OSD ?

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