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Bitlocker Helpdesk portal missing the report (audit)

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Got Bitlocker running long time ago via the SCCM integration and just missing one thing that I know of and that is the report (Audit) in the https://Myservername/Helpdesk   -  Portal.

I do not remember if I added the report AD group parameter when I setup the portals long time ago. Can this not be added later and/or changed and viewed/check which AD group got the access if any?

I do have the AD group and I guess I setup the rights, but do not know and still not visible when I add my admin account to the Bitlocker AD report group.

Help very much appreciated.




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Migrated to MECM Bitlocker two years ago, and thought everything was configured properly - until I need the Recovery Audit Report. :-( Turns out the report isn't listed under the en-us Node (or any language node for that matter), so the portal is pointing at nothing.

Ran the steps from here: 


and the srsrp.log doesn't appear to have any errors in it related to the bitlocker reports.

Here are the two lines I could find in the log about them:

Report [/ConfigMgr_PS2/BitLocker Management/en-us/Recovery Audit Report] is kept    SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT    10/11/2023 9:52:02 AM    10752 (0x2A00)
Deployed report [Recovery Audit Report] - Hidden    SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT    10/11/2023 9:53:57 AM    10752 (0x2A00)


EDIT: Sometimes the obvious answer is staring you right in the face. :-/ The report was hidden for some reason. Unhiding it in SSRS popped it right in to SCCM. /facepalm


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