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OSD Deployment - PXE failing, Boot Media works

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Hi folks -

I'm hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction.

Last Tuesday, our OSD process hit a snag. Any attempts to image via PXE result in the message 'There are no task sequences available for this computer.' However, when using a usb boot media source, it all works fine. The OSD sequence is targeted at the 'All Unknown Computers' collection, and is set to 'Available', as it has been for 4 years now ☹️ The only change or event that occurred was that the primary server unexpectantly ran out of space on C:, and I hope I didn't break anything by clearing what turned out to be 31GB of ISS logs from prior to October 2020!

So far, I have removed PXE capabilities from the DP, removed the boot image, then re-added. I have refreshed the self-signed certificate. I have tried adding PXE capabilities to the primary server's distribution point, and aimed at this instead. Each time the same issue 😟 If anyone has seen this sort of issue before and can point me in the right general area, it would be MORE than appreciated, thank you!

I've added the smspxe log file in case it proves useful for the more skilled on this site. If there are any other logs or settings I should check or add details from for further aid, let me know!



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