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Win 10 Enterprise Eval v1909 cannot be upgraded using Feature Update/IPU Task Sequence

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Hello Awsome People,

I am facing weird issue. I am evaluating Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit which has everything configured. I created few VMs using Windows 10 v1909 Enterprise ISO downloaded from https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/evalcenter .

I am testing Feature Update from v1909 to 20H1 and 20H2. But somehow none of the v1909 machines shows FU as required. I have installed all the updates including latest SSU and CU from Microsoft Updates online.

When I tried to use In-Place Upgrade TS that also failed at compatibility scan due to edition not supported error, to be specific: Windows setup completed with exit code hexadecimal 0xC1900204 (decimal 3247440388) 

I ran below commands on the wim which I used to build VM which is base wim extracted from ISO. /Get-Targeteditions shows: The current edition cannot be upgraded to any target editions. 


Does that mean TechNet Eval ISOs cannot used for testing Feature Update (FU)/IPU testing or am I missing something obvious? 

Same is true for v1809 to 20H1/20H2.  I have also attached logs from FU and IPU TS for reference.

setupact.log setuperr.log smsts.log

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I think you've answered your own question, the Enterprise Eval editions cannot be upgraded as they are evaluation editions

try with a licensed iso and you'll see the results you desire

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