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I have a laptop that has Disk 0 and Disk 1.   Disk 1 is my D drive.    Disk 0 is my issue.   It is setup like this:

OS C;     990 MB healthy recovery partition.   1.4GB healthy recover partition.   My issue is I can't wipe out the Two recovery partitions.  I want one huge 3GB drive.  I don't need the recover partitions.    Using Disk Management I can't delete them or partition them.  Using Diskpart I can see the Volumes but both are Hidden and I can't Unhide them.    I've googled this and I've tried doing detail partition   and set id = 07 override and nothing works.


how do I Unhide them so I can format them and use the space?



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recovery partitions are needed by the OS to recover the os in case of boot failure, you do need them, chances are your disk 0 is the system, boot disk and disk 1 is data or something else

you need to make disk 1 your system disk and then you'll be able to remove the partitions on disk 0.... like so...


sel disk 0




then recreate whatever partition you want on it in

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