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how do i revert back from ConfigMgr with full HTTPS / PKI

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I did learn by following your blog to understand and learn by doing in my lab. But then now i wanted to go back to match my workplace where there isn't a PKI used for configmgr and clients but using enhanced http. So i thought of changing things back so that i could mock what is in my workpalce. :) i know you love PKI so do I.

Is it cumbersome? I tried changing a few things from the cm console side and also on IIS side (reverting on those ssl required --> ignore) but then for the site i still get stuck with https being bind 'ed to pki issued https cert. So, I thought I would ask the guru :)

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if this is a lab i'd suggest you rebuild the lab (doesn't take long) and before converting the lab to PKI take snapshots of the virtual machines, so you have different states (http/https/e-http)

if you cannot do that then you'll have to experiment with removing bindings in IIS for https, removing the certificates to the dp role and more, and removing certificate services, quite a mess, you could basically undo all the settings where you switched to HTTPS back to HTTP

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