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How can I use multiple monitors with Windows 365

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Windows 365 gives you the power to do your job anywhere, and when you install the Remote Desktop app (available for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac) you'll be able to get your job done using multiple monitors. I'm a great believer in multiple monitor setups and like to use 3 monitors when working from home.

In this blog post you'll see how you can use multiple monitors with Windows 365 whether you are using Windows or an Apple Mac as the base OS that you connect from.

Step 1. Get the Remote Desktop app

When you login to https://windows365.microsoft.com you'll be presented with a web page similar to below showing one or more Cloud PC's assigned to you.

web page login.png

Click on the download icon.

download icon.png


Next, select the Remote Desktop app download that matches your operating system and architecture, in this example I download the 64 bit Windows Remote Desktop app.

download rd client.png


Step 2. Configuring remote desktop for Windows

After downloading the app, install it. Once the app is installed (and subscribed), it will launch. You will then see your Cloud PCs in tiled format. You can change that to list format if you want to see the specs of each Cloud PC easily.

rd client installed.png

To modify the display settings for the Windows version of the Remote Desktop app, right click on your Cloud PC and Settings will appear as shown below.

right click for settings.png

By default the Use default settings is enabled. Turn if Off to see more options.

Use Default settings.png

After turning default settings Off, you will see some nice Display Settings options, click on the Display Configuration drop down menu.

off and drop down focus.png

In my example, I want to use all three monitors and arrange them to my liking, so I select the Select Displays option, from there i can identify the order of my monitors and select how many I wish to use, I selected all 3.


3 displays.png

After enabling this, I close the settings option and launch the remote desktop app. Here is the result, my Windows 365 Cloud PC is using all 3 monitors. Awesome or what !


If you take the display out of full screen you can right click the Remote Desktop toolbar and you'll have some additional options with Display Settings.

display settings.png


Step 3. Configuring remote desktop for Apple Mac

On an Intel based Macbook Pro with DisplayLink drivers installed, the experience is similar except you first have to have configured your desired display settings in Mac System Preferences by clicking on the Display icon.



And then configure your desired preferences there.

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 21.53.13.png

Next, open the Windows 365 Remote Desktop app and on your selected Cloud PC, use the 2 finger click on the touchpad and then select Edit.Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 21.48.27.png


Make your desired choice for how you want the monitors to display things by clicking on both the Apple Mac and the External monitors listed.

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 21.53.44.png

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 21.53.56.png

Once you are happy with the configured settings close that window by clicking on Done and launch your Cloud PC, here's a view of the same thing via the Mac.


So there you have it, you can really maximise the benifit of multiple monitors when using your Cloud PC as long as you are using either a Windows PC with the app or an Apple Mac + Displaylink + the RD app and a compatible USB-C docking solution. Currently (at the time of writing) Linux doesn't have an app that works with Windows 365 and multiple monitors.

Android does have an app as does iOS but I don't have a docking solution available for either platform to test multiple monitors with them.



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2 hours ago, petergroft said:

Step 1. Get the Remote Desktop app
Step 2. Configuring remote desktop for Windows
Step 3. Configuring remote desktop for Apple Mac

Hope You Find This Useful,

did you read the post above it at all ?

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