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USMT: User State Migration Tool


Microsoft® Windows® User State Migration Tool (USMT) version 3.0.1 migrates user files and settings during deployments of Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista™. USMT captures files and settings from the source computer and then migrates them to a new Windows installation. If you are only upgrading your operating system, USMT is not needed.


This tool includes two command-line tools named ScanState and LoadState.


ScanState creates an intermediate store that contains the user files and settings from the source computer. (backup)


LoadState restores these files and settings to the destination computer. (restore)


USMT 3.0.1 also has three default migration rule (.xml) files named MigApp.xml, MigUser.xml, and MigSys.xml.


You can alter the default .xml files and you can also create customized .xml files. Depending on what you want to migrate, you can specify all or none of the default .xml files on the command line. The entire migration process is controlled by the .xml rules, which you can modify, and logic that is built into the tool. When using USMT for automated migration, in almost all cases, you should modify the migration .xml files for your unique situation.


USMT 3.0.1 contains the following updates to USMT 3.0:


1. You can now install this tool on computers that are running non-English versions of Windows Vista.


2. In USMT 3.0, some settings for local accounts were not being migrated. This has been fixed in USMT 3.0.1.


Where can I download it from ?


From here


In addition, you can use the download features elements in BDD 2007 (or MDT 2008) to download it, to do this, select the Information Center, then click on the Components Section. Highlight the USMT version (x86 or x64) that you want, and download it.





Where can I get a detailed User guide for USMT ?


From here


Where can I see a list of USMT Error codes ?


From the Deployment Guys


Where can I read the USMT Team Blog ?


From here


Can I install USMT on Windows Server 2008 ?


No, and for more details see here





When should I use USMT?


USMT is best used in automated deployment scenarios where a user is being migrated from one install of Windows to another (on the same computer) or when a user is being migrated from one computer to another (two different computers). USMT 3.0.1 currently supports migrating to and from the following operating systems:


Windows 2000 to Windows XP, Windows Vista


Windows XP to Windows XP, Windows Vista


Windows Vista to Windows Vista





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