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Watch World-Famous Hackers Exploit Common Enterprise Applications in Real-Time

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Join our Autonomous Endpoint Patch Virtual Launch Event to see the most significant advancement in 3rd party patching.

October 25th,2022 

7:30-9:00 AM PST (90 Mins)


Kevin Mitnick and Bryan Seely, world-famous hackers, bestselling authors, and cybersecurity experts, will host and keynote our virtual launch event. As industry thought leaders, they'll discuss the newest and most relevant threats and tactics that real hackers will exploit. Mitnick will even demonstrate how simple it is to hack an EDR Sensor vulnerability and 2F authentication in real-time. 

Whether you’re on SCCM or using a “psuedo-automated” patching tool you won't want to miss the launch of our revolutionary, fully autonomous 3rd party patching solution. Autonomous patching allows you to fully automate one of IT’s most manual and laborious tasks from initial identification to enterprise-wide deployment. With Adaptiva’s new Endpoint Patch you can quickly build custom patching strategies for your unique applications, business units, and users, then sit back and let it automatically execute your patching over and over again. 

Tune in to: 

  • See a real-time demonstration of hackers exploiting common enterprise application vulnerabilities. 
  • Learn what makes Adaptiva's Endpoint Patch so visionary compared to existing patching products on the market today. 
  • Discover how Endpoint Patch will save your organization hundreds of human hours. 
  • And more... 

Save your seat today!

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