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Hello All,

I've been running into what seems to be a common issue where when a device (Dell Laptop specifically) loads into WinPE (After downloading the correct boot.wim w/pxe) it only displays the background and the 'Windows is Starting Up" default message before immediately restarting. This problem is intermittent, only appearing on some devices rather then others.

All tested devices have network and storage access, as we were able to take logs off of the machines and place them on ours, along with actually viewing the drives on the computer. So it might not be a driver problem.

We are currently testing a Precision 5480 and a Latitude 5440

Here is a list of things I have tried.

Drivers I have tried in seperate wims,

Dell's WinPE11 and 10 drivers packages.

The entire driver package for the device I'm using (2.5gb),

The drivers from the actual NIC and Storage companies themselves,

No drivers at all,

All drivers we have (4.8gb)

All of intel's chipset drivers for these computers.

Other things I have tired are,

Repaired ADK and restarted the computer

Verified SMSPXE.log, which doesn't reveal anything,

Verified the log upon the actual booting device, which said it failed to call the TSPXE.dll, but that lead down a rabbit hole with no solutions,

Rebuilt multiple new images w/ MDT.

That's about all I can remember trying, there may have been other things but honestly that's all of the things I could possibly thing about trying. I really have the feeling that there was just some fundamental step that I missed, and that it's going to be obvious in hindsight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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