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Renaming an FTP server


I am in the process of rebuilding a new FTP server. Waht i need to know is if i rebuild this new replacement server and install FTP and set it up all the way, will i be able to rename this server to the old FTP server's name and IP?


(I must retain same name and ip of the old ftp server)



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Files and directories on an FTP server can be renamed using the FtpRenameFile function. FtpRenameFile accepts two NULL-terminated strings that contain either partially or fully qualified names relative to the current directory. The function changes the name of the file designated by the first string to the name designated by the second string.
The following example shows how to rename the file or directory indicated by the IDC_FTPEdit2 edit box. The HINTERNET handle hSecondary was created by InternetConnect after establishing an FTP session. DisplayDir is another function that is designed to enumerate the directory.

Source : MSDN

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