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Multiple Task Sequences (not showing up)

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I have SCCM 2007 (SP2, R2) and MDT 2010 (Integrated) on a Windows 2008 server.


Initially I had one Task Sequence created to deploy Windows 7 (32bit) by using the "Create Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence" and selecting "Clent Task Sequence". This is a very basic task sequence but it works.


I just added another Task Sequence to deploy Windows XP SP3 image by using the same steps as mention above but when it gets to a point to load the image, all I see is a window popping up with a long message similar to "Windows 7 32bit image will be installed in 170 seconds..........."


I was under the impression that I would see an option to select which image I need to load but I do not see any such option. It defaults to Windows 7 image even though I want to deploy a Win XP image.


I have Cleared the Last PXE Advertisement "from All Unknown Computers" several times. Deleted and re-created the Win XP SP3 Task Sequence twice but same result.


Any ideas?



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Hi All,


Please advise what to do with my issue, I cant find a solution until now. please find attached smsts log for more information.unknown.gif smsts.log 665.03KB 0 downloads


SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 and I have 1 Distribution point.


I did what's above with no luck.

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