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using vNext in a LAB - Part 8. Installing WSUS, Adding SLP and SUP roles

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In Part 1. of this series we Installed vNext.

In Part 2., we then Configured vNext to use the New AD Site as a boundary and Configured Discovery Methods in vNext.

In Part 3, we installed the Reporting Point Role along with some additional roles and configured them.

In Part 4 we configured the client Agents and deployed the vNext Client.

In Part 5 we deployed an Application to All Users.

In Part 6 we added Windows Deployment Services, added the PSP role, added the Windows 7 Enterprise image, and updated our boot image for Deploying Windows 7.

In Part 7 we created our Build and Capture Task Sequence, enabled the Network Access Account, Advertised (Deployed) the Task Sequence, and created a new hyper-v virtual machine for capturing the wim on.



Step 1. Add the WSUS role to our vNext server.


On our vNext server startup Server Manager. Click on Roles and click on Add Roles.


add roles sup.png


click on Next at the wizard welcome page, and select Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) from the list, answer yes to the required role services


wsus role.png


you'll get a note about Web Server IIS, click next and next again


iis roles services.png


Click Install when prompted and review your results when done.


install wsus.png


At this point the WSUS role will be downloaded and then installed. Depending on your internet connection this could take some time.




after a while it will say Configuring and (hidden from view) will be the WSUS wizard, so click on the wizard to bring it forward




you'll now see the Welcome to the WSUS 3.0 SP2 wizard


welcome to the wsus wizard.png


click next to continue and accept the EULA




accept the local download defaults (store updates locally)


store updates locally.png


choose Use an Existing Database on this server


use existing.png


and it should say successfully connected to SQL Server Instance


successfully connected to SQL Server Instance.png


accept the Use an existing Default website


default website.png


click next at the summary, click Finish




followed by Cancel *you must cancel the Windows Server Update Services Configuration Wizard*




finally click on Close


close wsus.png

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Step 2. Add the SUP and SLP roles



We will now add the Server Locator Point and Software Update Point roles to our vNext server. In the Wunderbar, click on Administration, select Site Operations, Site Roles. Right click and choose Create Roles


create roles for sup.png


click on browse and select our vNext server


browse to vnext.png


select Server Locator Point and Software Update Point and click next


new roles.png


Accept the SLP defaults




enter your proxy settings here if you have any otherwise click next


sup settings.png


select Use this server as the active software update point




leave the synchronisation source settings as they are


synchronisation source.png


enable the schedule, the 7 day default is good enough


enable sync.png


leave Classifications as they are




de-select all products (we will choose them later)


Note: No updates will appear in the vNext console until you select updates from the Products list, we will do this later.




make sure only English is selected




click next at the summary and review the confirmation


sup done.png

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