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Introduction to Web Services


What is a Web Service ?


A webservice provides an ability to set/change/list information using functions that reside on a web server running IIS. The webservices can be targetted to different operating systems using different versions of the .net framework, if you want access to all versions of the .net framework then develop your webservices using Visual Studio 2010.


Where can I get them ?


You can make your own (using Visual Studio 2008 or 2010), or download some that others have made (highly recommended), such as Maik Kosters webservices from here - http://mdtcustomizations.codeplex.com/releases/view/26318

Or Michael Niehaus - http://blogs.technet.com/b/mniehaus/archive/2009/12/06/ris-style-naming-with-mdt-2010-use-a-web-service.aspx


Maik Kosters Web Services


MDT Webservice


SCCM Webservice


Active Directory Webservice




Making your own Webservice


To make your own webservice, you should install Microsoft Visual Studio, I’d recommend using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to access all the different versions of .net.

Start Visual Studio 2010 and you’ll see this window (Choose your default environment settings) the first time you run it, choose General Development Settings.


vs2010 choose your default environment settings.jpg


Click on New Project


vs2010 new project.jpg


A window will appear, here you can choose the template, so if you want to code in visual basic choose that, in our example however we will use C#.


visual c#.jpg


Select Visual C# and click on Web, in the .NET drop down menu, select .NET Framework 2.0 and choose ASP.NET Web Service Application.


asp net web app.jpg


The default Hello World webservice code appears.




Change the webservice’s namespace to http://windows-noob.com/


Right click on your webservice listed in the Solution Explorer pane (to the right hand side) and choose Build


right click.jpg




Once your code is compiled, to test it click on Debug, this will launch your webbrowser, and you can then click on the web service itself to see the web service, in this example click on Service1.asmx





Our simple webservice appears


service1 hello.jpg


Click on the HelloWorld link to see what happens




Click on the Invoke button


hellow world.jpg


If you already have a webservice running, you can copy just two files from your project folder to the ‘live’ webservice you have running on your server to test otherwise you’ll have to setup the webservice on your chosen server using the How Can I install a Web Service.


Copying files from the project (local)


py files.jpg


To your webserver (remote)


to your webserver.jpg

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