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Step 1. Create an OS capture CD.


Step 1


In SMS 2003 administrator console, highlight the Image Packages section as below.




Note: you must have installed the OSD feature pack to see 'Image Packages'. If you havn't installed the OSD feature pack then Click here to download and install the SMS 2003 OSD Feature Pack Update, once downloaded, double click the exe to extract it somewhere, I extracted it to c:\sms and then ran the OSDeployment_Setup.EXE file from within that folder to install the OSD Feature Pack. Once the feature pack is installed, it's safe to delete the setup folder (c:\sms if you did the same as me).


Right click on Image Packages and choose All Tasks then Create Operating System Image Capture CD.





When the wizard appears click next




then you will be given the option to specify additional network and storage drivers that are not included with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (from a local path) for integration within Windows PE.





Next we can specify the local path where we want the Captured ISO to be created.





finally clicking on next allows the wizard to extract the contents




which will then hopefully create the capture CD.




If you get a creation failed error message, then simply retry the steps above and verify all values are correct, in particular any driver paths for Windows PE.




the finished ISO file can now be burned to CD for use on your target computer.


Please note, that if you boot a target computer with this CD without carrying out the next part of the process that you may get a Windows PE error which states:-


An error occurred while capturing the image (error code: 3).

You must first run the image capture wizard in the full operating system.

Click ok to reboot the machine.


If you get the error above, then do exactly as it says and read this post.



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