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Step 2. Capture a Vista image (wim)


Step 2

The first thing you need to do is have your Windows Vista Capture CD created. Once complete, boot your Windows Vista client computer (do not boot from the Capture CD yet) and verify that your Windows Vista Client computer is not a member of any domain, if it is, remove it from the domain and restart.


Verify that the computer is part of a Workgroup.

The computer must be part of a Workgroup otherwise the image capture process will not work.



To do this, right click on the Computer icon (in the start menu, or on the desktop if present) and choose Properties, then choose Advanced system settings from the Tasks list on the left.


When the System Properties window appears, click on the Computer Name tab.




If the computer is listed as part of a domain then click on Change and remove it from the domain, type the name of a workgroup to join and click ok.




Once you have removed the computer from the domain and rebooted, we will insert the Vista Capture CD which we created earlier and browse it.




Run the SMS 2003 Image Capture Wizard.


Locate a file on the cd called OSDICW.exe




and double click on it, this will start the SMS 2003 Image Capture Wizard.


If you don't have the SMS Client installed on this machine then you'll get an error.


This workstation does not have "SMS 2003 SP1 Advanced Client installed. Please refer to the documentation for information about supported configurations.


If so, install it and try again.




Click next to continue and input the required details.




Image file name:- Vista01.wim

Network location:- \\servername\captures

Account name:- \\servername\Administrator

Password:- **********


Note that if you do not have a folder ready for the above, then create one and give it the appropriate access you require. (I created one called captures and shared it). If your network capture share (or network) does not appear when you click browse then type the name of it manually (plus username/password) and then click next. If you get an error that states the below then log off and log back on as local Administrator (not just a user with local admin privs).


Unable to save the image settings to the temporary file C:\~SMS_ICW\sms_icw.cfg








Next you will be prompted for Sysprep information, enter it as you want and click next.





You will now have the chance to give your image capture some image properties.




Operating System: Windows Vista ™ Enterprise

comments: Capturing a Windows Vista image (wim) for Zero Touch from http://www.windows-noob.com




and so on...


Clicking next at this point will capture the image from this computer to the network location you specified earlier.




Note that the last message prompts you to make sure that CD is set to boot first in the bios settings before continuing, In my case, when the wizard was finished it shut the machine down. I then rebooted onto the CD and pressed a key to start from the CD when prompted.


Failure to press the key when prompted will mean that the Vista image will boot and sysprep will run and you'll be twiddling your thumbs waiting for sysprep to finish so that you can start the process all over again, so be warned !



Once done, Windows PE will boot and the SMS 2003 Image Capture Wizard will appear. The capture process will now begin!


Please be aware that depending on your hardware this can take a long time (2 or more hours) and the resultant WIM file can be very large also (greater than 5GB).




Once everything is complete, you'll be informed that the capture is complete, you click ok and then the system reboots, and you'll have a Vista01.wim file in your \\server\captures folder.



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help, i get this error when trying to capture image, after my computer shutdown and then i boot again.


An error occured while capturing the image (error code: 1231). The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help.


Click "OK" to reboot the machine.

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have you followed the steps above exactly as i've described them ? do you have a sms server setup ?


what network path did you type in to connect ? what permissions have you got on the share ? what user are you connecting as ?>

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