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Step 3. Import a captured Vista WIM image into BDD

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Step 3


This guide assumes that you have first created an OSD capture CD and then Captured a Vista image (wim). That captured image (Vista01.wim) is the image we will use for this guide.


Start up the BDD 2007 Deployment Workbench




and right click on Operating Systems in the left column (under Distribution Share), select New and from the wizard that appears select Custom Image file.





In the next screen, select the path to the Wim file we captured previously




and select the first option of Setup files not needed as this is an OSD deployment.




and then we specify the directory that should be created (in the BDD 2007 distribution share)




finally we click on copy to copy the Wim to the BDD 2007 distribution share.


Once it is finished copying if you refresh Operating Systems (right click and choose Refresh) you'll see your newly added capture to the list.






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