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Step 4. Import WinPE2004/2005 & required OS files into BDD


Step 4


This guide assumes that you have first created an OSD capture CD and then Captured a Vista image (wim). Next you should import that captured Vista image. Once done, you are ready for the next step (this one) which is to update BDD with your Windows PE and XP OS files.


Adding Windows PE to the drop down menu.


To add Windows PE to the operating systems in deployment workbench, in the left pane, click on Distribution Share, in the list below that, highlight Operating Systems and right click it and choose New. When prompted about the type of operating system to add, choose Full Set of Source files.




Click next and point it to where the WinPE cd or source files are located, then Click Next again and give the destination directory a name (WindowsPE2005). Finally click copy to start copying the OS.





Adding Windows Source.


As we did above with adding Windows PE to the operating systems part of Deployment Workbench, we will now add Windows XP Service Pack 2 by pointing the location to your Windows XP cd.



To recap:-


In Deployment workbench, select operating systems in the left pane, right-click and choose New, then select


* Full set of source files

* Point to the location of your Windows XP cd (or Windows 2003 Server CD)

* for directory name call it Windows XP Professional SP2

* choose Copy to start copying the files.




We have now added both the Windows PE 2004 (or Windows PE 2005) and Windows XP (or Windows Server 2003) source files to the operating systems section of Deployment Workbench.



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