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Step 8. Import the captured Vista WIM image into SMS

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Step 8


This guide assumes that you have first created an OSD capture CD and then Captured a Vista image (wim). Next you should have imported that captured Vista image into BDD, and then updated BDD with your Windows PE and XP OS files. You should then have created a new build in BDD for the captured WIM image. Lastly, you should have created and updated the BDD Deployment point (OSD/ZTI) and then updated Windows PE to support WMI.


Prepare a share for the package.


Open Windows Explorer and navigate to a drive with lots of free space. Create a new folder and call it Packages.

Right-click Packages and click Sharing and Security.

Click Share this folder and click Permissions and then click Add.


In the Enter the object names to select box, type Administrators, click Check Names, and click OK. Click Allow next to Full Control and click OK, click OK again to finish.



Import the captured Vista WIM image.


Open the SMS administrator console, right-click Image Packages, point to New, and select Operating System Image Package. On the Welcome to the New Operating System Package Wizard page, click Next.




When the wizard appears, enter Windows Vista Enterprise as the package name, point to the Windows Vista image we imported into BDD earlier namely E:\Distribution\Operating Systems\Captured Vista01\Vista01.wim.


Next, type in the path for your package source eg: \\servername\packages\ click Next and then Finish (this will take some time).






When done, you may be informed that the SMS distribution points will require updating because of the changes made to the Operating System Package (click OK if you do). We will be doing this later in the entire process.





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