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Step 15. Update customsettings.ini and bootstrap.ini in BDD


Step 15


This guide assumes that you have first completed the following 14 steps in the order listed below.


Create an OSD capture CD and then captured a Vista image (wim). Next you should have imported that captured Vista image into BDD, and then updated BDD with your Windows PE and XP OS files. You should then have created a new build in BDD for the captured WIM image. You should then have created and updated the BDD Deployment point (OSD/ZTI) and then updated Windows PE to support WMI. In addition, you must have imported the captured Vista WIM file into SMS and then created an OS Deploy Program. Update the SMS distribution points and then Copy driver resources for SMS packaging. Next you need to create a package in SMS from the drivers resources, and add the driver resources to a SMS distribution point and then Update the SMS distribution point.



Open up Deployment Workbench again, and expand the Deploy field in the left pane, and then select Deployment points.




Right click on our deployment point (hint: it's the one which is of type OSD) choose properties and then select the Rules tab.




We will add an extra property under the [Default] section called ResourceRoot. In my example the value we add is ResourceRoot=\\%SMSDP%\SMSPKGE$\RIS0000C




but where did I get those values from ?


ResourceRoot=tells SMS where to find the resources it requires

\\%SMSDP%=my SMS distribution point, do not change this

\SMSPKGE$=the package directory (note the E, this could be C, or D or another value depending on where SMS makes the package directory)

\RIS0000C=a folder we just created in SMS with the drivers and driver information. SMS creates this folder name automatically.







If your Zero Touch installation fails (at a later stage) with an error that reads


The installation of the os failed. The ZTI-preinstall action failed with the exit code 2147500037



then double check your package directory setting in the ResourceRoot=\\%SMSDP%\SMSPKGE$\RIS0000C line (perhaps it could be SMSPKGD$ or SMSPKGC$ or..),


I got this error after completely reinstalling Zero Touch for the second time on my server and it was because I set this parameter incorrectly.


Ok now that we are here, let's click on the Edit bootstrap.ini button


that will open up notepad with something similar to this










we want to change it so it looks like this so that BDD 2007 doesnt prompt the end user for which image to install (Zero Touch).










Once again the values above on your server will be different to mine, I deduced that the OSDINSTALLPACKAGE value was RIS0000B as that is the packageID for the Windows Vista Operating system package we created in SMS and the OSDINSTALLPROGRAM value is the name of the program (VistaRefresh) we created earlier for that package. See the screenshot below for a better overview of that.




click Apply and Ok to save your changes.


Now right click on our deployment point and choose Update/b]. This will update all of the files and scripts in our previously created ZTI folder.




Once the update is complete you can browse to your ZTI folder (mine was c:\ZTI) and you'll see your bootstrap.ini and customsettings.ini files, open them in notepad to confirm the changes.


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