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Free USMT GUI available

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For those who are interested in using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to help with migration using USMT4, please check out my free USMT GUI. Although in its initial version, it has been meticulously designed to encapsulate most functions of USMT4 and is under active-development with much to come.


Program's Homepage


Here's a sample screenshot:



This is one of the few full featured USMT GUI's available not to mention that it's completely free without any adware/malware/restriction of any kinds.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I have a few problems when trying to use MUST.


The default screen resolution when booting to WinPE 4 came up as 800x600, and much of the MUST GUI was off the screen.


When trying to set the "Additional USMT Settings" (the button that looks like a large gear) I was unable to click the checkmark button because that part of the GUI is off the lower portion of the screen. I tried to blindly tab to the button but the checkmark and cancel button are not part of the tab sequence. I can drag the GUI up the screen enough to see the bottom portion, but as soon as I release the mouse button to click on the checkmark button the GUI drops back to its normal position on the screen.


I used Qres to change the screen resolution to 1024x768 (1280x1024 does not work on this laptop) but had the same problem, although I could see much more of the screen.


Also, when I try to use the browse button to select the "Path to USMT's root folder", a dialog box pops up but there is nothing in it with which to select a folder and the "Make New Folder" butotn does nothing.


Also, in the "Options" section the /chkdsk option is partly hidden by the /c option.


There is no /nocopmress option. I really need to backup user profiles in an uncompressed format so the profiles can be scanned for viruses without having to be decompressed first.


Basically, since I am unable to set the USMT options I found the program to be useless.


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I guess you mean USMTGUI?


IF you mean free in the sense that you can download it and use it indefinitely without supporting me in any way? No then it is not free. I apologize if it's not allowed to refer to SW here if it isn't free :-/

However All schools use USMTGUI for free and I have close to 50 Universities using USMTGUI as a standard software and some donate anyway because of the usefulness of USMTGUI.


I don't know your salary BUT if you compare the cost of $10 to the cost in time if you were to download the whole AIK, extract USMT, and read the documentation to make USMT run, I'd say it's a really good "money saver"




WET is deprecated (and gone in Windows 10),

M.U.S.T hasn't been updated since 2011 and USMT4 doesn't support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.

Forensit User Profile Wizard http://www.forensit.com/Shop/Product.aspx?PID=15 is $89 and since it isn't USMT based doesn't fully migrate MS products. I have MANY people come my way after trying Forensit.




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This is not a donation if you make it mandatory before you can access the tool.
In addition, by doing this you deny access to knowledge for students or young IT engineer.

Looks like it's a good tool, but it's not revolutionary.
And your talk ,about the fact that only your tool is Worth it, really piss me off.

So I'll develop one and makes it accessible to all.

Best Regards,

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