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Part 1: how can I install SMS 2003 SP2?

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This Guide assumes you are installing Microsoft SMS 2003 Sp1. This ISO is available for download on MSDN. As part of this guide we will upgrade SMS 2003 sp1 to SMS 2003 sp2. Optionally, Service pack 3 for Microsoft SMS 2003 is available online so you can install that after this installation (if you want).


This guide also assumes that you are setting it up on a Windows 2003 Server (sp1 or later) and that you have installed SQL server 2000 or later. SQL 2005 is the recommended database solution today for SMS 2003 however for the purposes of this article only SQL server 2000 sp4 is covered.


Microsoft recommends the following server requirements:-


� Internet Information Services (IIS) must be installed and enabled as part of the Windows Server installation for certain SMS site system roles.


� Microsoft SQL Server� 7.0 with Service Pack 4 or later, SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 4 or later, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1, or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 is required for the SMS site database system role.






If you have not installed and configured IIS then do NOT start the SMS installation. IIS must be setup and configured first.






click on the SMS 2003 icon to start the installation Wizard.




click next to continue and depending on your configuration click next again to see the installation options.




Next we get to make a choice, let's stick with the default which is Install an SMS primary Site.




next you may get to choose a custom (default) or express setup, stick with the default and click next.




Next we are asked to accept the license agreement,




and next we can input the registration details (I've removed my product key from the below screenshot)




next we get to choose the Site Code, it's a 3 character code so make sure to write it down or remember it... In the example here I use WIN as the site code




Now we get to decide if we shall extend the , make sure to enable this choice before clicking next as it allows us to implement automatic site assignment or roaming boundries for advanced clients.




For security settings leave the default (advanced)




the next choice is for the number of clients on your SMS site, enter a number which corresponds to that amount




Next we get to choose where to install SMS, in the example here, I installed it on my D:\ partition (d:\sms), in addition I selected the remote tools option. NOTE: this is considered a security risk and wouldn't be recommended normally.




next you are prompted for the SQL server information. Accept the defaults and click next.




let SMS create the database...




make a note of it's name




enter a path for the transaction log, I changed mine from the default (C: to D:)




if you have a lot of windows Admins, then consider changing this otherwise leave as default (SMS consoles)




finally you'll see the completing the wizard screen




clicking next will complete the installation (will take some time so go get yourself a coffee) and then you can click on finish to end the wizard.




Ok once done, let's upgrade it to Sp2 by downloading this and installing it (also available on MSDN)




agree to to sp2 license




and then choose to not accept...





after quite some time you have installed SMS 2003 Sp2. If you want to upgrade it to Sp3 then go ahead. I stayed at Sp2 because that was all i needed.






at this point i decided to reboot.


after the reboot you can startup the SMS administrator console




and your SMS server should look like this




congrats you are done !



Ok, now that you have installed SMS you will want to configure it.




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