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how can I upgrade SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007

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Please note, this is for lab testing purposes, use it at your own risk, always backup your SMS database and site before attempting any radical changes such as an upgrade. If you break your production setup by doing anything here I am not responsible, use at your own risk. Test always in a LAB first.


Before performing the steps below you should perform a test DB (database) upgrade as detailed below.WARNING: the following can corrupt the database if used on a production database. It cannot be used more than once on the same database copy.


Step 1. Test the DataBase upgrade


Note you should have backed up your SMS database using SMS database backup prior to running this. In addition, copy your SCCM 2007 SP2 media to a local folder for the DB upgrade process.


On your SMS 2003 Server:-

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Right click Databases select Restore Database.
  • For Database (type in): CopyofServerName (replace ServerName with your SMS server name)
  • Select From Device, use ellipses button to browse. Click the Add button.
  • in Files of Type, use drop down to select all Files(*)
  • Expand the location where your SMS database is backed up to, for example C:\SMS_BACKUP\SiteDBServer select the SMSbkSQLDBsite.dat file.
  • Click Ok, and Ok again. Select Restore Box to check.


  • Ok, and Ok to Restore was successful
  • Open Command prompt and Browse to your SCCM Sources Media folder. SCCM 2007 with SP2\SMSSETUP\BIN\I386

setup.exe /testdbupgrade CopyofServerName



  • Answer YES, Click Begin Upgrade
  • Open log files: C:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log, C:\ConfigMgrSetup.log
  • A window should appear and say successful
  • If unsuccessful stop here, if successful, move forward.
  • Clean up CopyofServerName Database. Right click CopyofServerName database, select Delete, leave defaults, click ok.

Step 2. Start the Upgrade


First of all download the iso from your MSDN account or Microsoft Connect.


once done, burn it to DVD or mount the ISO using Daemon tools or similar.




Before starting the process you'll need to know the prerequisites, and thankfully there is a prerequisite checker included on the DVD.



Next you should run the prerequisite checker




so let's run that and see what it says


If like me you already have an SMS 2003 server setup then it will automatically choose the upgrade option, as this server is the only SMS site we will click ok to continue.




After some scanning it will present you with a results page, double clicking on a result will tell you what you have to do to fix the problem.




As I was running SQL 2000 sp4, it correctly flagged that I needed to upgrade that to SQL 2005, at this point I exited the SMS>SCCM process (click on cancel) and got my SQL 2005 iso (en_sql_2005_std_x86_dvd.iso).

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Step 3. fix the prerequisite warnings/errors.


As per the prerequisite check recommendation, I then upgraded my installation of SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 Sp2. Once done I ran the prerequisite check again, and this time it listed 4 warnings




One of those warnings was to install the following hotfix. I downloaded and extracted the hotfix, then installed it.




Once installed I ran my SCCM 2007 prerequiste checker again. Great, only 3 warnings left now. Taking them one at a time I was informed that I had to install a WSUS update so I downloaded WSUS 3.0 SP1 and proceeded to install it 80mb application and I went with all the default settings in the wizard).


WSUS took quiet a while to install but finally it was done




once done I ran my check again. Now only two warnings left the first is for Schema Extensions and after a bit of googling it seems I can install them before or after running SCCM 2007 setup.


The Active Directory schema can be extended for Configuration Manager 2007 before or after running Configuration Manager 2007 Setup. However, to take advantage of publishing information to Active Directory Domain Services from the outset, extend the schema before beginning Configuration Manager 2007 Setup and allow sufficient time for the schema changes to replicate through the Active Directory forest.


Looking at how to extend the schema is complex.


Updating the schema requires you to be in the Schema admin security group, even an Enterprise Administrator is not a Schema admin.


As Microsoft say

The Active Directory schema can be extended for Configuration Manager 2007 by running the ExtADSch.exe utility or by using the LDIFDE command-line utility to import the contents of the ConfigMgr_ad_schema.ldf LDIF file. Both the utility and the LDIF file are located in the SMSSETUP\BIN\i386 directory of the Configuration Manager 2007 installation files. Regardless of the method used to extend the schema, two conditions must be met:


* The Active Directory schema must allow updates. On domains running Windows Server 2003, the schema is enabled for updates by default. For domains running Windows 2000 Server, you must manually enable updates on the schema master for the Active Directory forest.

* The account used to update the schema must either be a member of the Schema Admins group or have been delegated sufficient permissions to modify the schema.


I decided to use the extADSch.exe method and located it on the SCCM 2007 DVD (F:\SMSSETUP\BIN\I386), but before doing so I wanted to add my Domain Administrator (Enterprise Administrator) to the Schema Admins group.


Adding the Domain administrator account to the Schema Admins group


to do this, start up Active Directory Users and Computers and select the Enterprise Admins group




double click the group and select the Security Tab, click on Add




When the Select Users, Computers or Groups window appears, click on Advanced




click on the Find now button and when the results appear scroll down until you see the Schema Admins group, select it.




click on ok and notice that it (schema admins group) is now listed in the Select Users, Computers or Groups window.




click on ok and leave the permissions as they are listed




click ok when done and now we can try running the extadsch.exe tool, we will run it from a command prompt and redirect any output to a file to see if there were any problems during the process.


extadsch.exe > c:\output.txt



if everything went ok the log file will be pretty emtpy (see mine) otherwise it may contain errors.


Once done, you can run the SCCM 2007 prerequisite checker again, and this time the 'extend active directory schema' is no longer listed ! success.




the last warning in my prereequisite check is for Secure Key Exchange


Because Configuration Manager sites require secure key exchange by default, it is recommended that you configure SMS 2003 sites to be upgraded to also require secure key exchange before beginning the upgrade process. Secure key exchange requirements are configured for a site on the advanced tab of the site properties.



To set this up I started up my SMS 2003 mmc and expanded Site Database/Site Hierarchy and then right clicked on my site and chose Properties and then Advanced. In the advanced section I could see an option called Require Secure Key exchange between sites




I then selected it and clicked on apply then ok.


After that I then ran the SCCM 2007 prerequisite checker again and this time it told me that all required prerequisite tests have completed successfully, success !



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Step 3. Installing SCCM 2007 SP2


After completing the above steps insert the SCCM 2007 DVD again and choose 'Configuration Manager 2007\ under the Install heading.




when the welcome wizard appears, click next




As we are upgrading SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007 we are offered the Upgrade option




click next to continue and agree to the license terms....




Tell Microsoft if you want to help or not in the customer experience program




reivew/input your key




the next option allows setup to check for newer options, so I stayed with the default setting




you have the option to input a path to store or access updates, so enter it there




setup then went and downloaded 88 files....




and once done it told me




finally you are shown a summary




at this point setup will re run the prerequiste checker and present you with the option to begin install once done




now is a good time to take a coffee break...




after a long time you can click on next to continue...


and place a checkmark in the Launch the configuration manager console after closing option




if all went ok you'll now see SCCM 2007 running happily !



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