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SCCM console working slowly


I got the sccm console installed on my computer. A separated sql server and remote wsus server connected to my SCCM infrastructure.


On the console, everything is so slowly so I'm asking if there's some modification or reboot in order to speed it up a bit. Is there a maintenance to do on some servers to lose some heavy charges maybe?

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When using SCCM with a separate SQL DB Server the one thing that is affected in performance is the console.

The one thing you need to make sure is that the communication between the SCCM server and the SQL DB Server is high performance.


From Technet:

"Configuration Manager 2007 primary sites must constantly communicate with the Microsoft SQL Server hosting the site database. Typically, performance is better if the Configuration Manager 2007 site server and the site database are installed on the same server. However, if the intervening network connection is a high-availability, high-bandwidth network connection you might be able to install SQL Server on a remote server from the Configuration Manager 2007 site server. You might also consider installing a second network adapter in both the site server and the computer running SQL Server and then dedicating this second card for communications between the site server and the computer running SQL Server."




So I would start by checking the network throughput between the sccm server and the SQL DB server.



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