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WDS Won't start.

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Ok, not had this before. Basically, I'm doing this multiple times to try and document the pitfalls during installation.


Now, still in lab7, I've noticed WDS is not started. When I start it, it fails telling me to look in the system event log. Looking there gives this message:


The Windows Deployment Services Server service terminated with service-specific error This shared resource does not exist..


It's correct, I don't see any of the normal shares associated with WDS :(


Any ideas?

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this has been covered before in previous posts by others i'm pretty sure, but anyway try the following

  • deselect 'enable pxe' on the dp
  • uninstall the windows deployment service
  • reboot
  • re-enable PXE on the dp
  • monitor the distrimgr.log and see what it says about the wds service


does that help ?

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I can vouch for this article working a treat...



Uninstall PXE

Uninstall WDS

reboot server

Delete the \RemoteInstall folder

reboot again (for good measure)

Enable PXE (and as part of this process WDS will be installed and configured accordingly).


All things going well - no more WDS service "starting" problems.



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