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SCCM 2007 update to Sp1 produced MMC error

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when you try to upgrade SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2007 SP1 by first running the pre-requisite checker, you may see a warning which states:-


MMC updates for Configuration Manager (Software Updates); Warning; This software update addresses several MMC errors that may occur when running the Configuration Manager console. This update should be applied if any of the following occur: Configuration Manager console stops responding when the host computer is low on available memory, context menu errors on console home pages, or inconsistent display after drag-and-drop operations do not succeed. More information about this update is available at: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=98349.


If you open the file ConfigMgrPrereq.log and look at the errors within, just before the above statement will be a line which reads something like this:-


<08-10-2008 21:04:57> Failed to connect to registry for KB940848 with 203.


If you have already applied the hotfix from Microsoft then you might need this workaround.


The reason for the pre-requisite test getting confused appears to be that it is looking for a string in the REGISTRY but it doesn't match what it's expecting to find


Using RegMon from sysinternals I logged the entire process while doing the pre-requisite checks and sure enough it fails to find some keys in the registry even though we have installed the correct hotfix (KB940848), the checker looks for the following key(s)







However they are not found because when we installed the hotfix it placed them at




as a workaround I created a new regedit file with the exact same info as the v3 one (I exported that key in regedit).


Here's the file, rename by removing .txt and run to add this key to the registry.




I then did a search and replace, and replaced -v3 with blank. Running the resulting reg file and then starting the pre-req checker again now finally removes the MMC warning from the list !




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