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Just started with deployment of applications and operativsystems and MDT seems to be a important part of that so i would like to learn a little more about it.

I cant realy find any good documentation of MDT, what the scripts does and how i can use it.


Where should i start? :)


// Barty

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Best way is to start testing the product. The basic things are done through wizards so start of with that and then advance as you move along.


All you need is a single virtual server and a virtual client.

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I would recommend the MDT Home page as the first place to start. On the right-hand side is a section called Key Resources which should help.


For further help, the SpringBoard Series on TechNet has a section called ‘Pilot & Deploy’. Scroll down to the Advanced (300-400 level) and you will see a link to download the MDT 2010 print-ready documentation. The document named Toolkit Reference.docx should help you with the scripts.


It may also help to know that MDT is a central interface for many of Microsoft's deployment tools, so much of the information you are looking for would be listed under the specific tool that is in use during that portion of the deployment process (WSIM, ImageX, DISM, etc...)


Hope this helps,


Windows Outreach Team - IT Pro

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