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How can I migrate registry keys from one location on the source to another on the destination

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if you want to migrate registry keys from one location to another (provided that they are detected) then use the following code in a custom XML file


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<migration urlid="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/WNB_move_reg_keys">
<!-- WNB_move_reg_keys.xml is basically a customized version of MigUser.xml -->
 <_locDefault _loc="locNone"></_locDefault>
 <_locTag _loc="locData">displayName</_locTag>

<!-- This component migrates Old Reg Keys and moves them to NEW locations provided that the key exists -->
<component context="User" type="Application">
 <displayName _locID="regkeymove_user">Move old reg keys to new location</displayName>
 <role role="Settings">
<condition>MigXmlHelper.DoesObjectExist("Registry","HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [CUSTOMval#1]")</condition>
 	<pattern type="Registry">HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [CUSTOMval#1]</pattern>
 	<pattern type="Registry">HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [CUSTOMval#2]</pattern>
<locationModify script="MigXmlHelper.ExactMove('HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [PrevCUSTOMval#1]')">
 	<pattern type="Registry">HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [CUSTOMval#1]</pattern>
<locationModify script="MigXmlHelper.ExactMove('HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [PrevCUSTOMval#2]')">
 	<pattern type="Registry">HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM [CUSTOMval#2]</pattern>


this code checks if the following registry key exists HKLM\SOFTWARE\CUSTOM\CUSTOMval#1 and if it does, it migrates the following two registry keys from the SOURCE pc





to the following locations on the DESTINATION pc





Note: if you are using a 64 bit OS with a 32bit application (X86) that you'll probably want to change the path statements


for example, change










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