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pranay bhagat

Refresh Scenario using Two TS in SCCM...

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hi all,

we are working on the Refresh scenario for one of our client and using two task sequence to complete this task.

TS#1 - Stores the user data & settings to SMP.(advertisement priority HIGH)

TS#2 - Deploy Win7 & restores the data.(advertisement priority LOW,PXE boot)

TS#1 stores the states and restarts the machine and after the restart execution of TS#2 begins.

we are able to finish this task without any issue.

But we are stuck in a problem which is, consider if the TS#1 fails without saving users data and the machine restart and the TS#2 execution starts.

User data was not saved by TS#1 and so after execution of TS#2 what user gets is a machine with WIN 7 but no user data.

I just want to make sure that if TS#1 has executed successfully,then only execution of TS#2 begins.

Please suggest a way...





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You can do this in a numbr of ways, one would be to add the Computer to a collection with TS#2 advertised using a script as the last step in TS#1, then there is no risk that the TS#2 will be executed if not TS#1 is successful. You could also use conditions in TS#2 and make sure a file is present on the C drive for instance otherwise it will fail. Not as pretty as the first suggesteion but it will work.

I normally do the first option and add it to a collection for TS#2 autimatically in the first TS.



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