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how can I deploy Windows Vista SP1 using SCCM 2007 SP1


Before starting this part, you should have completed all the steps in Part 1.


Add 32 bit and 64 bit boot.wim files


Note: In your installation of SCCM 2007 SP1 you may already have a x86 and x64 bit boot.wim images, however we want to create our own and then distribute them to both the standard share and the PXE share.



In SCCM 2007 configMgr, select Operating System Deployment under Computer Management, expand the boot images node and right click, choose Add Boot Image.




browse to the network share where SCCM stores it's boot.wim files, this time for the 32 bit one









fill in details for the boot.wim and call it x86 Windows PE boot environment for SCCM




review the summary




click next to apply the changes




Now that you have done the 32 bit boot.wim repeat the above actions for the 64 bit (X64) boot.wim file by using the 64 bit path (\\servername\SMS_WIN\OSD\boot\x64\boot.wim).


You should now have two new boot.wim files listed in your ConfigMgr.





Customise the background Logo


In explorer, browse to \\servername\sms_win\OSD\bin\i386 and locate a file called WINPE.BMP, open it in Microsoft Paint and paste in your own company Logo, save the file (after backing up the original) and repeat this action for the WINPE.BMP file stored in \\servername\sms_win\OSD\bin\x64, this background will appear during the Deployment of Windows Vista (or Windows Server 2008).


Once done, right click your chosen Boot.wim file in SCCM ConfigMgr and choose properties and then the Windows PE tab, select the Specify the customer background bitmap (UNC Path) and browse to your newly created WINPE.BMP file, apply the changes and answer NO to the Distribution points update reminder as we'll be doing that shortly.




here is a sample I made up in less than a minute, hence the quality ;-)





Create new Distribution Points and Update them


In SCCM ConfigMgr, select the x86 Windows PE boot environment for SCCM boot image and expand that node, right click on distribution points and select New Distribution Points





when the New Distribution Points wizard appears click next,





now when the Copy Package screen comes up, make sure to select BOTH of the distribution points listed, one being the normal one and the other is the PXE distribution point, both are required for this to work properly.




select next to continue and close when done.




Now you need to Update the distribution point, so right click on Distribution Points and choose Update....




click next and next again...




and click close when done





Don't forget to repeat the above actions (create new and then update distribution points) for the X64 bit version also (x64 Windows PE boot environment for SCCM )



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