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how can I deploy Windows Vista SP1 using SCCM 2007 SP1

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Before starting this part, you should have completed all the steps in Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.




Create new Task Sequence



Choose New Task Sequence from the options




and select the second option, Build and capture a reference operating system image.




give the task sequence a name BUILD and CAPTURE Core Image 001 and click on bowse to choose your boot.wim file, choose the 32 bit one..



Install Windows



Now we need to tell the task sequencer which operating system to install,




click browse to add and you'll see your earlier added Windows Vista SP1




we can enter the product key and also specify a administrator password here


Note: by default the Local Administrator account is disabled so for troubleshooting purposes enable it !






Configure Network


Here we need to enter our network configuration and click next, choose Join Workgroup (recommended best practise). Although joining the domain will work just fine you may have GPO's in place, or startup scripts (login scripts) etc which may taint your master image, keeping it off the domain will keep it clean.



Install Configmgr


now we can specify the Configuration Manager Client installation package we created earlier from the predefined packages, select it by clicking on browse and selecting the package,




click next.



Include updates


choose 'don't install' any software updates





Install software



to show you how this works click on the yellow star and select our FireFox package we made earlier in the guide, select the FireFox program also,





System Preparation


if you need to sysprep (eg XP) then do so here using a pre-made package, but for Vista, it has sysprep built in so no need





Image properties



add the image properties ...






Capture Image



specify the capture image properties here, ie: where on the network we will store the image once it's built it


so \\servername\captures\SCCMCOREBUILD001.wim should do (create a share called captures first, this is where we will store the Captured Vista image after it has been deployed to our build system, we will be using this image later on to deploy clients...)


use w2k8\smsadmin as the account




review the summary, click next to continue and then verify that all components have a green tick.




When the Task Sequence is complete, you can right click the BUILD and CAPTURE task sequence and choose Edit, System center comes with 28 tasks that can be added to the task sequencer, partitioning, joining the domain, formatting and setting up disks in addition, the integration with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) means that MDT adds an additional 9 tasks.... and this is where you could define where to add SERVER ROLES AND FEATURES for Windows Server 2008, once done editiing we need to assign it to a Collection in SCCM.



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Advertising the Task Sequence to a collection


Under the Computer Management node in SCCM ConfigMgr, right-click the collection we made earlier (Build and Capture (Vista)) and choose advertise task sequence




fill in the description 'Build Task Sequence', ..... the task sequence should then be selected by clicking on Browse, and finally select Make this task sequence available to both media and PXE


Alternatively, right click the task sequence itself and choose 'advertise' to get to this same step.









Set your schedule depending on whether you are in a Lab or Production Environment.


For a Lab Environment


Make the Task Sequence mandatory by clicking on the yellow star and select As soon as possible.


Select ignore maintenance windows when runing program and allow system restart, set the program rerun behaviour to always rerun program so that we can rerun the task sequence over and over as we require for testing.





For a Production Environment


In a Production environment set the advertisement from Mandatory to Optional, this gives us less risk of an accidental deployment but also introduces the possibilty of choice.




if you want to remove choice then keep the advertisement mandatory but change the program rerun behaviour to never rerun (see below screenshot).


never rerun.jpg





Distribution Points


set to Access content directly from a distribution point as we will be wiping the hard disc as our first task in the task sequence




next set your interaction settings




and security settings




review the summary and click close once complete.


continue on to Part 5


For extra reading, checkout the following blog with detailed info on adding 3rd party Gina, troubleshooting tips, Intel ICH8USB drivers explained and lots more





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