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how can I deploy Windows Vista SP1 using SCCM 2007 SP1

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Before starting this part, you should have completed all the steps in Part 1 and Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 .



This step is optional * This step is optional * This step is optional

Importing a MDT Task Sequence

This step is optional * This step is optional * This step is optional



We have already created our build and capture task sequence, however with MDT integration you can create your task sequences using a Wizard by doing as follows:


Using a single wizard to create a Task Sequence using MDT integration in SCCM 2007.,


in the Operatung System Deployment node, right click on Task Sequence and choose to Import Microsoft Deployment Task Sequence,




now choose a template, we shall choose Client Task Sequence


Note: There are several templates available including


Client Task Sequence

Client Replace Task Sequence

OEM Preload Task Sequence (Post-OEM)

OEM Preload Task Sequence (Pre-OEM)

Microsoft Deployment Custom Task Sequence


Server Task Sequence





give the task sequence a name and comments...




fill in the workgroup/domain settings and for Capture Operating system image settings, specify the full UNC path (and filename) of where the capture should go




specify the capture account eg: w2k8\smsadmin




then specify a boot environment (32 or 64 bit, we choose 32 for now)




*don't forget to create the MDTfiles share first*


For MDT files package, choose Create a new Microsoft Deployment toolkit files package, the wizard will copy the files it needs from MDT and the WAIK. Point to an UNC path

for example





give the MDT source package some info (version/etc)




then Specify an OS image setting, as we have already created an OS install package in the previous steps in SCCM we shall choose specify an existing OS install package, click on Browse




and select the Vista Enterprise Edition package listed.




Next we have to specify a Client Package, and we have already created one so click browse and select Configuration Manager Client Installation package




click next for the USMT settings and click on create New USMT package *will need to have usmt installed first, can be downloaded via mdt in the components section*


use the UNC path for PATH to USMT




package source >






fill in the details to describe the pack





The Settings Package is needed for the CustomSettings.ini and other such settings, we can create a new package and we'll store it in the predefined share we created earlier called MDTfiles






fill in the descriptive details, eg> MDT Settings File, 1.0, microsoft....




If deploying Windows Server 2008 or windows Vista you won't need to create a sysprep package as that functionality is already built in, however if deploying Windows XP you will need to create a package.


We are deploying Vista here so no need for a sysprep package.




next the wizard will create all the packages/files and once done will import the new Task Sequence into The Task Sequence pane in SCCM OSD.


you can now view your task sequence in SCCM/osd/task sequence...




you can also view all the packags it's created as part of this process in software distribution/packages.



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Add Build and Capture Computer



Our final task is to add a computer object to the Build and Capture (Vista) collection. To do this right click on Computer Association and choose import computer information,




you can import multiple computers using a file such as a spreadsheet or import a single computer, we will choose the single option.




use the computername BUILDCAPTURE001 and fill in the unique Mac address and GUID for that computer, you can pull those values from the computer itself or from SCCM all systems collection properties of the computer.








once added, we can then specify the collection we want to add it to, at this point we add it to our Build and Capture (Vista) collection we created earlier,







PXE boot the client


At this point we can PXE boot our client computer to build and then capture our Windows Vista SP1 image, if PXE boot fails verify that the WDS service is started and verify that you entered the MAC and GUID values correctly




you can right click the collection and choose clear last pxe Advertisement,




in addition you might consider checking/setting the following registry key for cache delay otherwise you'll get an error such as


"TFTP Download smsboot\x64\abort.pxe"

"PXE Boot aborted"


adjust following reg Key to 300 (5Min) helps us to solve our issues in the Lab environement:



Dword : default is 3600 seconds (if nothing is set)


Once PXE boot is working correctly you should see it do this




then Windows PE will start to load




remember the background LOGO we customised earlier ? here it is....




and the Task Sequence (Build and capture) is now beginning...




at this point you can take a well deserved break as this process will take quite a bit of time.




after a while the computer will reboot then continue with setup




the Task Sequencer takes over again and here you can see it installing our chosen application (Firefox)




another reboot (this reboot is needed to make sure there are no locked files for the Capture process)




now the capture begins...




creating WIM file and copying it to the server (this takes time)




all done !




at this point you now have the Captured build stored in


and it is this WIM file that we shall be using to Deploy Vista clients in the next and final part.





Continue on to Part 6





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