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Distribution point not found

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i am trying to capture an image off a Windows 7 reference machine. I go to Software Library >Create Task sequence Media [from the ribbon] > capture Media . as soon as i get to the screen as shown in the screen shot here



i cant get the distribution point.it appears BLANK , which is driving me up the wall .

All roles are installed on a single server , which is installed on Server 2008 R2 , 128GB RAM.


I cant for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong since i've been following the tutorials on SCCM 2012 on this site. Any help would be greatly appreciated , since i am basically stuck


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I have the same problem as you have stated I go to "Task Sequences" select "Create Task Sequence Media" choose "Capture Media" select CD/DVD put in the path where the ISO file will be saved to, choose the boot image "X64" and then select the Distribution Point which is empty ........ why is this?


See attached Image file.




My Distribution Point is present for everything else.


Did you find the solution?


Anyone else have any ideas.

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You need to distribute the content to at least one distribution point before you can use the image for a task sequence media.

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